photo of blond woman wearing leather jacket

About Me

Hi! I'm Andie.

Since 2013, I’ve worked in a variety of design and content strategy roles.

As a UX/UI designer, my skills are rooted in a background of marketing, graphic design, and human behavior.

I am especially passionate about creating products that enhance health, wellness, and our connection with the natural world.

photo of blond woman wearing leather jacket
looking up into canopy of foggy redwood forest

Growing up in Seattle and San Francisco, I spent my childhood drawing ferns and fir trees.

I found another creative outlet when I began exploring digital photography in high school, which led me to discover a love for graphic design.

Today, I satisfy my creative drive by desigining meaningful, user-friendly products.

I’ve found that my diverse background has been a tremendous asset: my work in marketing and graphic design have given me an instinct for branding and layout, while my studies in anthropology have given me an empathetic, user-centered approach to design.

city buildings in black and white fluffy housecat posing in a bush

When I’m not making pixel-perfect designs, I’m probably out hiking in a nearby forest with my camera, walking my cat (yes, really), or brewing a new batch of homemade kombucha.